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SWATCHING CND Shellac Wild Earth Collection Fall 2018

In this video you'll see me swatch the full CND Shellac Fall 2018 Wild

Earth Collection. Here are the colors:


Creamy plum. I mean literally. If you added cream to a plum, this is

a color you would get.

Good application in 2 coats, covers well. Tiny bit on a sheer side.

Blue Moon

Deep but still bright, very glossy.

Good application and a really nice color. Covers well in 2 coats.


This one is difficult to explain. Earthy again, washed out, sandy

mustard/yellow.... It has a beautiful formula and it paints like a dream. Not sure how much use I will get out of this one, though.


It's a chocolate brown, not too dark that you might mistake it for

black.... one client told me that in some light it looked poopy. So there

you go!

Beautiful application though. 2 coats.


Bright, juicy red. Reminds me of Hollywood but without the shimmer.

I say yes to this color.


It's a soft, earthy peach that looks great on darker skin tones. Kind of washed out, in a good way. Gorgeous

application in 2 coats.


*** this is not a sponsored post.

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