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about the salon life

There is a perfect world of advertisements, model nails and unicorns, and then there is the real salon life- chipped nails, clients who pick, stubby nails, horrid cuticles and streaky polishes.

Watch me work my magic with real, paying clients and find out which products work and how they work (no sugar-coated reviews here).

If you are looking for perfectly filmed videos, you are in the wrong place. This is a raw, unedited, real-world salon.


Founder & Professional Nail Technician


Anna Renata is a world-renowned nail technician, international educator, and competition winner. A 28 year veteran of the nail industry, Anna has been featured and published in an array of magazines (Beauty Cosmedica, Nailpro, Scratch, and Nails Magazine—to name a few). In addition to working with her clients, Anna works closely with top industry “movers and shakers” in a tireless quest of raising industry standards. She is also a huge fan of the science and chemistry behind beauty products.

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