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"Burst" Gel Polish removers

I often get asked about these jelly removers that work by putting a thicker layer of remover just on the nail and they bubble up the gel polish. They are used instead of filling the product off or soaking it off. Sounds like a great idea, no? Well, the chemists (and independent lab results) say no!

They contain methylene chloride which is banned in cosmetics worldwide (even in China)

Here is a link to article about this ingredient from Environmental Protection Agency (USA)

More about this from Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry. He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry. He is Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC), and as Creative Nail Design's (CND) Chief Scientist, was head of the R&D laboratory, QA, and Field Testing/Evaluation departments for almost 20 years.

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