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Swatching CND Shellac Night Moves 2018 collection (WARNING!! Not model's hands!!)

In this video you will see how the recent CND Shellac collection applies on real, un-perfect nails. If you expect model hands, don't bother watching... this is not that kind of video ;)

I picked up both the Shellac and Vinylux colors but in this video I will show you only Shellac.

I'm actually quite excited about this collection because the colors seem very wearable and classic. My clients will love this collection for sure.

I decided to swatch this quickly on Ronn to give you an idea how the

colors really go on the natural nails that are not super perfect- model-



It's a chunky golden metallic shimmer. It's not very yellow, looks like an old gold. It has a bit of texture but it goes on smooth and covers very well.

Soiree Strut...

It's a nude that is a little metallic. It's little "old lady" though. You

have to be little careful applying it because it will show brush strokes.

If the surface of the nail is little uneven I would apply a coat of a

clear color like Beau and this one will go on so much better. It's not a

bad color. In my opinion it's a very conservative color.

After Hours.

has the same texture as Bellini but it's a cool silver that leans little

green? maybe... but not too much. It's a very bright color that applies

like a dream.

Kiss of Fire.

I love that one. It has a bit of candy apple feel. It has a clear base and

little shimmer... It's a must have. There isn't anything like this in the

CND collection.

Application is also great, covers in 2 coats but it might show some free edge.


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