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OPI Infinite Shine vs. Essie Gel Couture

How many of you are doing simple, quick manicures (with polish)?

Many nail techs find these services boring but let me tell you, advertised properly there is a big market for these services.

I usually book all the big services first (gel and pedicures), and then book these manicures to fill the gaps in my schedule. These manicures take me about 20 min and I book half an hour and charge $32.

Many of my clients love this clean and simple look and I’ve had excellent feedback on how well these manicures last so I decided to share with you how I do them and I figured let’s compare the 2 most popular colours I use for this look and see how they wear.

I’m gonna use OPI Infinite Shine in "Passion" (using ProStay Base and  ProStayTop Coat) and Essie GelCouture  in “Sheer Fantasy” with Essie top coat.

I started with OPI because this system utilizes base coat and I applied it on every second finger because doing right hand with one brand and the left with the other would not be super accurate. (dominant vs. non dominant)

Both colours are light, sheer pink but Passion has a slightly more pink to it and the pink is more visible on the nail while Essie looks a little pink in the bottle but goes on milky .

Majority of my clients prefer Passion 

I’m not sure you noticed but the OPI colour and top coat has a different brush. I don’t like OPI brushes so I replace them with my brushes. 

I’m actually looking for a source of these brushes wholesale because these ones are quite expensive. There are many places that you get get them but the quality is not the same. 

If I find the same quality as I have and use I will definitely let you know!

I made another video with more details about how I do these manicures and how I market them so if you’re interested-- subscribe to my email list.


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