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Let's talk about the darn WHITE SPOTS!! & CND Shellac Rouge Rite

So, let's talk about the super frustrating issue that is nail surface damage and white spots.

I've been trying to figure out what really causes the surface damage that ends up spreading and looking like white spots....

I came to the conclusion that it's not "forceful removal" or peeling the gel polish off. Not always. Forceful removal and peeling will cause thinning and damage but what this client is experiencing is not caused by that. Her nails are not thinner. She has not peeled anything and you can see I'm not "scraping" the gel polish off.

The white spots show up as little flakes that would be very easy buffed off or filed off (which I don't want to do because the smooth effect is only temporary, next time client comes back with damage to the lower layers of nails) It's not dryness. It's not the "acetone". I did a test and wrapped healthy nail (after I manicured it as usual) in with cotton/acetone/foil method. Every 2 weeks for 10 min for couple months. No damage whatsoever. I don't think it's the gel polish per se.

It's the wear of gel polish.

The gel polish is stuck to the nail. The nail absorbs water (swells) , dries out (contracts). People use their fingers (nails), the nails bend. The bond between the product and the first layer of the nail with some people might be stronger then the first layer of the nail to the second layer of the nail. In some areas (stress area) pieces of the nail get pulled up. These areas spread.... creating the flaky appearance.

I have tried IBX. It works. It corrects the issue but short term. 2 weeks later, after another removal we are back to square one.

Interestingly, it doesn't really happen with everyone and it doesn't happen with every product. I find that I don't really have that issue with clients wearing constantly other brands then Shellac.

Shellac seems to be related to most of the cases of white spots. I think that Shellac base coat has a very strong, tight bond to the natural nail and might be the reason for the surface damage.

Same surface damage happens to people when they wear nail polish on their toes non stop. It's not that the nails are not "breathing", it's the polish constantly pulling on the first layers of the nails....

That is my theory.... Do the white spots happen to you or your clients too?

After wearing Shellac or other brands?

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