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Removal of IBX Boost w/gel polish on top

I filed the top coat with fine/med ceramic bit just in case. The nails have IBX Boost cured in CND LED lamp and 2 coats of gel polish and top. The product wore well, but I did see some free edge separation and 1 nail had a little chip.

Apparently you can "fill" IBX Boost (so file the color off leaving the clear IBX underneath, manicure the nails and re-do IBX Boost and put color on top.

That seems like a little too much work for me especially if the products soaks off (under heat) in 10 min.

The removal was good, pretty clean.

As you can notice this client is experiencing a lot of white spots. I covered this topic in

I did try IBX treatment on her multiple times. The nails look much better right after the treatment but after the soak off we are back to square one.

As you can see I don't scrape the polish off, the product basically falls off the nails. I don't buff/file her nails.

The nails are not thinner, just the surface is flaky from the polish bonding too strong to the nail.

The client does use the oil and she comes in regularly. It is what it is.

I actually switched her now to OPI and we will see how the nails will do after few applications of that brand (usually my clients don't experience white spots with OPI)

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