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In this video you will see me a full gel polish manicure including soak off removal, dry, efile mani

**All of my videos are recorded in HD, so if you want to see every tiny detail watch it on a desktop with the 1080 dpi setting.**

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Today I made a quick video to show you how a typical Shellac Luxe application removes for me

This client has had this manicure for 2 and a half weeks so I knew that it might be slightly more difficult to remove.

I used CND remover and I left it on a minute longer and I applied heat.

Now, I kind of feel that the 60 second removal claim is little exaggerated.

60 second soak off time... maybe?

But 60 second REMOVAl this is NOT.

CND I guess counts the removal time after all 10 nails are wrapped but this can be to inconsistent. Some people might wrap in 2 minutes and some in 5.... who knows?

Also the wrapping part is part of the removal process, no?

In order to remove it you have to wrap it, right?

And what if I have to fix 1 nail? How long do I soak for?

The soaking should start counting when first nail is wrapped. PERIOD.

Also, another thing..... my pet peeve.

So many companies show the removal of totally brand new applied nail. When the product is just applied it will remove WAY better.

The true test is how the product removes after 2 or 3 weeks.

I will make another video to compare that.

CND also makes a claim that the removal is 10 times faster than

"competitor brand" I guess....?

As you can see, it's not.

Average Luxe removal, as much as I really like the product takes me approx 10 minutes.

Other brands- about 15 to 18 minutes. Total time.

Do the math.

It's 30% faster? I save about 5 minutes. Which is nice.... but I don't

save 15 minutes.

So that's it. I got it off my chest. What do you think?

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