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IBX Boost + CND Shellac Winter Glow APPLICATION

Hello everyone!

In this video you will see how I work with IBX Boost.

Quick background on Boost:

So IBX Boost is a product developed by Famous Names, the company who makes IBX Treatment, Dadi oil and Dadi Lotion (and Cinnitize).

It was introduced sometime in the beginning of this year.

The purpose of this product is to provide additional strength to the nail and it can be worn on it’s own (a thin overlay) with ANY Top coat on the market, under gel polish (for additional strength) and it can also be used after IBX treatment if the nails were damaged.

Here you can see me applying the Base. It’s suppose to be applied super thin. I find the brushes that come in with the bottle are rather flimsy so I use a gel brush to get a thinner application and more pressure.

The base is suppose to be cured for a full cure depending on the lamp which is 30 seconds to 1 min.

The IBX Boost gel is a medium consistency gel that comes in a 0.5 oz jar. It levels a little but it does not run. It reminds me of Brisa Lite Smoothing gel. A lot.

It is supposed to be applied in a thin but even coat.

This product (which is unusual for a company to say that) CAN be cured in  pretty much any LED lamp. The company lists quite a few lamps that IBX Boost is compatible. CND lamp is one of them and that’s what I use here.

I made sure I applied the product evenly because I won’t be doing any shaping after

After curing the one coat of Boost I go straight into colour application without wiping anything (this colour is CND Winter Glow)

The application is so so over the cured layer of Boost. It felt quite wet and the first coat kind of streaked and pulled. You can’t overwork it.

The second coat covered 90% well.

The client wanted some shimmer so I applied a very thin coat of Grapefruit Sparkle Shellac Top Coat, the original one.

I filmed the removal and review of IBX Boost in another video and I will provide the link soon

Thanks for watching!

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