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How to prevent white Shellac from wrinkling

I wanted to show you a little trick I came up with that will make any difficult light, pastel Shellac colour apply way better.

Majority of CND Shellac colours apply very well but some colours are a pain. White is one of them. It tends to streak and pull and wrinkle.

So this video didn’t start off very well. As I was putting a towel under the clients hand for the video for contrast I stuck the towel into her thumb so you could see me at the beginning of the video picking off the fluffs and you will see later how the white went bumpy on the first coat on that thumb. 

FIRST I applied base very thin, with a gel brush. You see me do that in many of my videos. I will provide a link below to some examples. 

The base thickens up after a while so it’s difficult to apply it thin. Thickness adds…. thickness and we especially don’t want thick with this application. also, the gel brush gives me more pressure and precision. 

I cure the base as usual.

NEXT I apply a clear colour, like Clearly Pink, Silver VIP, Gold VIP even Beau will do. Something with very little pigment. Cure.

This somehow gives an excellent base for the difficult colours to go on.

I got asked why not simply apply 3 coats of white. I have no idea why but it doesn’t work as well. I tried. It ends up looking thick or streaky anyway.

If you decide to try this method- let me know if it helped!


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