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Gelish Structure Gels (Cover Pink and Translucent Pink) - Review

So Gelish has a quite a collection of strengthening gels. Remember those "vitamin infused" gels? Can't remember the name now. Vitagel something, wasn't it?

Before that they had Structure (clear) gel in a pot. I actually used it for a while back when it first came out and I liked it.

Then recently (could be like 2 years though) they came out with Structure (Clear) in a bottle. I bought it but never really used it. I don't know why actually.... probably because I have too many gels haha.

So when Gelish came out with another Structure gel you wouldn't think I'd be excited?



Because these ones are PINK!! And I love pink, sheer gels!

The consistency of these gels is quite thick but they level nicely. And the brush.... the brush I LOVE!

The first one I swatched was the cover pink. It's looks to me more like a beige pink or a warm pink.

I did 2 coats of each color plus top coat and the color builds a little but it does not give you a full coverage in 2 coats and that's OK because they are designed for more of a "natural look"

I was kind of afraid that the nails would have the "a la smoker" look but no, it looks more nude on me and it really blends in with my skin.

The Gelish Top It Off top coat is a brightening top coat and applied on top of the Cover Pink did brighten up the color a tiny bit.

The other one, the Translucent Pink is quite bright. Reminds me of that American Pink gel that you would use for "pink and white" look. On it's own it tints the free edge a bit so the ends look little discoloured. If didn't hate the "french" (nails, not the people!!) I would use it for that. But I won't. Cause I don't like it.

So, I'm not too sure what I think of this one.

I wish they made a milky cool pink!!

What do you think? Would you buy these? Are your clients into this natural look? Please comment under the video!

If Gelish people are reading this..... please come up with a cool milky pink!!! That would be a hit!!




This is not a sponsored post. All products have been purchased by me.

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