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Full manicure feat. CND LUXE "OXBLOOD"- new client

In this video you will see me working on a new client, doing a full manicure, using efile, a prep for a gel polish and gel polish application.

The client initially chose another brand but at the last minute we went with CND Shellac that is why I buffed the nails before.

CND does not require the nails to be buffed but the other brand does, that's why. No big deal. Using other brands I do buff the nail only if the client is new. Subsequent manicures I don't buff anyway.

I figure the area was previously buffed so it doesn't need to be buffed again (and that done few times might lead to overbuffing/thinning of the nail).

I use efile to remove cuticle, and I do mean cuticle, not the living skin

More info here:

You will also see me using CND Shellac Luxe in Beau before the Oxblood. Why?

I started doing that for 3 reasons.

1) The clear coat prevents the natural nails from dark color staining them

2) The gel polish soaks off/releases better for some reason

3) The color goes on better/more evenly on top of that thin, clear coat.

As you can notice I apply the top coat slightly thicker, fuller and I use light strokes. Lighter than with the other Shellac top coats.

I find heavier strokes were pulling the top coat, making it uneven and less shiny.

**All of my videos are recorded in HD, so if you want to see every tiny detail watch it on a desktop with the 1080 dpi setting.**

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*** this is not a sponsored video.

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