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Full Manicure feat. Bio Sculpture EVO2 "ROSE"

In this video you will see me working on a client in REAL TIME doing a full gel polish manicure start to finish.

You will see gel polish soak off removal, shortening and shaping nails, cuticle detail using efile Erica MT20 and application of Bio Sculpture EVO2 ROSE.

The color is perfectly named, it totally reminds me of soft rose petals. The color is opaque in 2 coats but it soft looking. It's not super pigmented. It's somewhat tricky to apply without streaking but it can be done. Not the easiest color though.

I feel like trying this color in Bio Sculpture original line (in the pots) to see if the application could be little easier/thinner.

I used EVO2 base and top in this video but, if you watched my previous videos you know that I'm not a fan of the brushes the bottles come with. The EVO2 line seems to have 2 types of brushes. Clear/white ones like you can see in my other video I just made and black ones that seem little thicker and maybe soften. I like these much more. The lovely Bio Sculpture rep is sending me some replacement brushes but in the meantime I poured the gel into new replacement bottles with my favourite brushes I bought in bulk a while ago (not available anymore)

I've been using the product for exactly 2 months now and I have to say I'm having great results with it. Other than initial set I did (where I think touched the skin a little with the base), non of my clients had any peeling, breaking or lifting. The color lasts without fading and stays shiny for 2 to 2.5 weeks. The removal is fantastic and it leaves the nails in incredible condition. I use Bio Sculpture remover as well. It's nice but it smells little too strong in my opinion. It has a flowery smell. It's also little greasy and slippery, similar to CND Nourishing Remover/Offy Fast but it doesn't leave the skin white like CND remover does.

My other favourite remover is OPI Expert Touch. Very faint smell, doesn't leave skin white and it's not greasy. Anyway.... that's it for today, I hope you like the video, a thumb up and SUBSCRIBE would be nice :)

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Where is CUTICLE?

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