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Full Manicure feat. AKZENTZ Gel Play White Gold Leaf (REAL TIME!)

In this video you will see me remove/soak off Bio Sculpture gel (details below), do a full, dry, efile manicure and application AKZENTZ Gel Play leaf gel in "WHITE GOLD"

So as you can see I came up with a new "series" of videos called "WATCH ME WORK". Yes, they don't have audio... because in that case they would be called "LISTEN TO ME TALK" LOL. (Yeah, corny joke, I know)

**All of my videos are recorded in HD, so if you want to see every tiny

detail watch it on a desktop with the 1080 dpi setting.**

Removed was Bio Sculpture EVO2 Oxygenating Base, 2 coats of Blanc and EVO2 Top Coat.

To be honest I didn't like the application of the color Blanc (in a pot). It went on little thick, but it removed amazing, didn't it?!

I applied AKZENTZ Gel Play over a very thin soak off enhancement gel. The leaf gel goes on SUPER thin and although it's thick it's soft to work with. Very easy.

I used Akzentz Gloss Top Coat. Really easy application too.

The rest is pretty straight forward. I will update you on how the gel lasted etc in 2 weeks or so.


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*** this is not a sponsored video.

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