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CND Creative PLAY Gel Polish manicure Miss Purplelarity (FULL service at the salon)

Finally I had a chance to use this beautiful purple color. As I suspected the color went on perfectly (other then some minor shrinking from free edge that I dealt with as usual) I applied the base coat with a gel brush to be able to apply it thinner. The brush that comes with the bottle is soft and it's difficult to apply the base coat very thin with a soft brush. The color went on nice and opaque in 2 thin coats so the soak off should be good. I noticed that the soak off is quicker when I apply base the way I applied it in this video. I have used this line (Creative Play by CND) now few times and I'm having pretty good results with it. I will try to record more videos to show different colors. Top coat went on smooth and thin (and quick!) and cured very shiny. I will be filming the removal on the Feb 26th most likely (that's when the client booked her follow up appointment.

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