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How does the new CND Creative Play gel polish soak off? Also application of "Steel the Show" color

I just posted a detailed video on my YouTube channel on how I do gel polish manicures (using efile). Also you can see how the new Creative Play gel polish applies and soaks off. I'm really liking it! The top coat is FAB!! Super easy to apply and it stays SHINY!!

In the video you will see me soak off CND Creative Play Gel Polish "Miss Purplelarity". On one hand I removed the top coat and soaked for about 12 minutes.

On the other hand (the right side, client's left hand) I did not remove the shine and wrapped for 20 min. Both hands received some help from heating pad.

The gel polish that did not have the shine removed came off in larger chunks

The application of "Steel the Show" was fantastic. Thin and even. Gorgeous color, I highly recommend it!

If this video helped you, please share it :)

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