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BUILDER IN A BOTTLE #18 (removal, manicure + application) - WEAR TEST + FULL SERVICE

In this video you will see an initial wear test results of Builder in the Bottle #18 from a company called The Gel Bottle.

**All of my videos are recorded in HD, so if you want to see every tiny detail watch it on a desktop with the 1080 dpi setting.**

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I did these nails 2 weeks ago (2 weeks and 1 day to be exact) and they lasted perfectly!

You will see how the removal goes and you will see me

doing a manicure and re-application of the same product because the client absolutely loved it.

To see the application go straight to 27:00

I removed I would say 50% of the gel with a fine/medium carbide to speed up the process. I filed, wrapped one hand and then I filed and wrapped the other hand. I find that way the first hand has couple minutes longer to soak and I can do the manicure little quicker.

I start timing when I start manicure so i know exactly how long I'm

taking. I pay attention when the first nail is exposed to remover because that is the most accurate way of measuring the time the product needs to soak.

In this case it took me about 2 minutes to remove the bulk of the gel from one hand so when the time reached almost 12 minutes I knew that the first nail soaked for about 10 min which should be sufficient.

When I initially looked you would think that the gel is not budging but

when I took a pusher, The product came off quite well.

My pushers are quite dull and they don't damage the nails BTW

The removal went quite well and the nails are in a great shape.

To give the other hand few minutes longer to soak I now shortened and shaped the nails.

Then I moved on to the other hand

The manicure was straight forward if you have any questions, please let me know.

I will let you watch the rest of the manicure and I will explain more

about the application at 27:00


This product does not require any special bonders or primers unless the client has a really thin (or damaged I guess) nails.

The base coat they have is quite thick and it's meant to give the nails

more stable foundation. I'm testing it on myself right now.

I decided to use only 2 coats of this product because the color built up sufficiently and they didn't look too thin to me.

This product is also a builder so you could use it to build up the nail a

little if you need to.

WARNING. The first coat even applied thin has a heat spike so I cure the first coat with the low heat, 90 second setting.

The lamp I'm using is a lamp that comes with the system so it's matched, so yeah be careful especially when building the nail.

The color went on very well with no streaking whatsoever.

When the client comes back in 2 weeks I will do a little test. If she

wants to wear the same color I will "fill" one hand and soak off the other and I will make a video it for you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below. I will also update you regarding wear or anything important in the description box as the time goes by

Thank you for watching!!



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