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Time is money! This is how to do a full gel polish manicures in 45 min or so....

Maintenance manicure with gel polish with removal is my most popular and the most consistant service.

I book 1 hour for it and this is how I time myself (yes, I still do it). I keep timer next to my lamp and start it at 0:00 when the clients sits down.

I divide the manicure into 3 sections and I aim to be finished with the manicure in 45 min, giving myself 15 min to re-book the clients and to clean up so I can start my next client on time.

Each step takes me approximately 15 min

The 3 steps are:

Removal (15-18 min)

Manicure (10-15 min)

Polishing (15-20min)

Removal often takes me about 16-18 min, depending on the brand. I do use heating pad which speeds up the removal.

Wrapping (and removing top coat, necessary for some brands) takes about 2 minutes.

I let the nails soak for about 12 minutes (with heat). In that time I help the clients choose the color.

Removing the gel takes another 2 min or so.

The manicure is usually quite quick. When clients come every 2 weeks and use treatment oil there is really not that much to do.

I can usually complete this step in 10-13 minutes.

Next is polishing.

It takes about 15-20 minutes. Depending on the color and the brand.

Light sheer colors like CND Shellac Beau are super easy and quick to apply. Reds and darks are more time consuming.

The full maintenance gel polish manicure I usually complete in 45-50 minutes.

I charge $58 CAD (plus tax) for that service

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