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Swatching CND Shellac 2018 Nude Collection on my nails!!!

Finally I had a chance to swatch the new CND Shellac Nude Collection 2018.

My first impression is not so good. I’m not thrilled about the shades I must admit.

I decided to film the swatching on natural nails because I find this shows how the colours really apply. Seeing painted swatch is helpful but very often not enough to know how the colour really applies or how opaque it really is. So here we go: All the colours were painted on top of CND Shellac Base coat, applied very thin and cured as recommended.

#1. UNCOVERED. This one is the only slightly sheer color in this collection. It goes on little streaky, I did 2 coats but it will need 3 coats I suspect to achieve proper and streak free coverage. It's a peachy cream, reminds me of Salmon Run (which I don’t use much personally) just little less pigmented

#2. UNMASKED The application of this one was better. The colour in the bottle looked really yellowish but on the nails is actually interesting. Not my color though.

#3. UNLOCKED This reminds me of a lighter version of Fox Field. Light mushroom and in some lights whitish, dove grey. I like this one. The application was very good. I used this one on a client already and it went on fantastic.

#4. UNEARTHED This is my least favourite color. It’s a grey I guess but with a hint of green. Looks like a dirty mud. I find these colours can look OK when they are just applied and brand new but clients are suppose to be wearing these manicures for 2 weeks. I suspect in 2 weeks this colour will look like dirty grey nails. I used this one on a client already (she loved it, go figure) and the application was flawless.

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