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OPI ProHealth Removal 18 min total (PART 1)

This time soaked the nails little longer. Realistically total of 13 minutes or so. The removing top coat took me about 2min 30 sec. So I started wrapping at around 3 min.

I know many file off... but when a product removes this well.... why not soak it off? Also it's nice to have 10 min free to myself. In that time I have a chance to pick the next color, answer a text or two or do little bit of clean up.

In total of 18 minutes the client is ready for the manicure (PART 2, uploading now) and application of gel polish (PART 3.... coming up soon)

PS. I've been using ProHealth for about a month now and to be honest with you I'm still not sure about it. Some people have great results with it and some experienced premature chipping and issues.

This time on the same client I used the Original OPI base coat. I will film the removal in 2 weeks and I will compare.....

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