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OPI Bogota Blackberry GelColor with OPI Base Coat and ProHealth Top Coat

The removal as you can see was a breeze. I used the regular OPI GelColor Base Coat. The manicure stayed on well, except one minor chip, but that was an accident.

When it comes to easy removal I think not only the base coat makes a difference but also the top coat. Hard to believe because we remove it (file it) right? Hm.... interesting. I have to test it further....

Overall, the application of this base/color/top was easy. Some shrinking on the first color coat as expected with OPI which I "wrapped" by way.... the rest was easy. I stirred the color with my tattoo ink mixer and let it sit as I did the removal and manicure. I used my favourite brush, because I'm not a huge fan of OPI brushes. I'm slowly replacing all my gel polish brushes to the new ones....

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