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My solution to shrinking gel polish feat: CND Creative Play "Red-y To Roll"

Updated: Feb 19, 2018

Just a quick video I just recorded. This is a classic example how some gel polishes (even used exactly according to instructions) shrink back as you are applying them (not even in the lamp). Obviously nails were manicured and scrubbed with cleanser prior to application of base. I found that if I "wrap" the free edge... the gel shrinks back even more creating a bulge. Not pretty. To fix this issue I apply the gel polish, "freeze it" (in the lamp), and then apply some tiny amount of gel just to the free edge (and cure the whole thing recommended amount of time). Somehow it seems to be staying but you have to work fast. If you are working slower try putting each nail in the lamp for few seconds. Overall the application was nice and thin.... I'm liking it so far. I will be posting a follow up video how this manicure removed in 2 weeks.

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