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IBX Boost- working on real client in real time+ CND Ruby Ritz- 30 min gel polish mani

Here is another client who happens to wear Shellac and has white spots.

I decided to try the new IBX Boost on her today. I have tried IBX treatment on her in the past, the nails looked better right after the treatment but after another soak off the nails are back to the what they were...

So this was a pretty straight forward application.

On the second hand, the nails had some bumps so I wiped the inhibition layer off and removed the bumps. The color went on better on the nails that had the inhibition layer removed. You can see on the first hand how the color mixed with the IBX Boost's inhibition layer and it didn't go on very pigmented.

I will film the removal of this manicure in 2 weeks for you.

PS. I used IBX Boost on my nails (one hand) to test it and it wore very well but it yellowed. I used base (cure 1 min), 1 thin coat of IBX Boost (cured 1 min). I wiped the sticky layer and because the surface was not perfect (I was working with my left hand on my right hand) I buffed/shaped the surface a little and I applied another coat of IBX Boost and cured in CND LED lamp. About few days into the wear I noticed yellowing and they were quite yellow about a week later. I took some pictures, I might make a video about this..... I soaked off and re-did my manicure. This time I did 2 thin coats, I wiped the nails, shaped a little and I used OPI ProHealth as top coat (cured all the coats in OPI LED lamp) . I will update you next week!

update (week later):

I've had the IBX Boost on my right hand for a week now. No yellowing this time. I do have a couple little air pockets where the nail bed ends and free edge starts. I will soak off at the end of the week.

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