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CND Creative Play #GelPolish.... REMOVAL!! Real time salon service- by Anna

So I must say..... I'm impressed!

I waited impatiently 2 whole weeks to remove this gel polish to see if it really lives up to the easy 20 min removal.

I know 20 minutes sounds long but you don't need to scuff the top coat.

The 20 minute tester (with no heat applied, so no cheating) for the hand on the left.

The other hand (on the right)- I removed the top coat and applied heating pad.

I waited 13 minutes and the gel polished removed with ease (!!)

I filed off the gel polish from one nail because it had hard gel under the color (I repaired it 2 weeks ago and it held well)

The other hand, at 20 minute mark.... I thought for sure it would not be ready.... but it was. The gel polish removed with quite an ease, although not as clean as the OPI ProHealth does.

I scrubbed with with acetone and most of the base coat came off. I didn't want to buff it so I applied the base on slightly uneven surface, quite thin and it covered the imperfections pretty much.... except some spots which I wiped and buffed just slightly to make the surface even for painting.

The color I used is called Well Red #411. It's a reddish pink that has a slightly jelly consistency. It reminds me (the color, not the finish) of Shellac Pink Bikini.

The color went on very well. It's not as crisp as Shellac maybe but it has a thinner consistency and slightly thinner end result. The top coat, I love! It goes smooth, easy and applies fast.

Initially when I wiped the nails with alcohol the finish was not very shiny but after the oil they got more shiny. I'm actually wearing a sheer pink color myself (Candycade) and the shine is very good.

Ps. The red I applied 2 weeks (Red-y To Roll) ago wore well and I just now realized that I didn't put the pictures in the video! Oops!! Thanks for watching and reading!

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