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CND Creative Play Gel Polish - full service in real time & review

First of all the removal I'm doing is NOT Creative Play. It's OPI "Vampsterdam" with ProHealth Base/Top. Awesome removal, huh?

This weekend I went to see a demo of Creative Play Gel Polish at my local supplier and I decided to get few bottles to check it out.

The application was quite easy, not very tricky. The gel polish is quite pigmented, applied very smoothly, almost slippery. Shellac gives more "resistance" when painting so technique (pressure) needs to be adjusted. The color I used is called Red-y to Roll.

Creative Play Gel polish is a pure gel (no solvents) so I was expecting some shrinking or pulling away, but it wasn't bad at all. The color applied crisp near the nail folds so that was good.

As you can tell in the video, the client's left pointer finger nail was cracked so I cleaned up the area and I applied a thin gel overlay using Brisa Lite base and sculpting gel.

The top coat went on super easy and quick and very thin compare to Shellac. It was very shiny too after I wiped the nails. The end result was very good.

Application looked thin and even. No lumps and bumps.

I will be posting the results of the 2 week wear.... in 2 weeks as well as the removal.

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