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Polishing with CND Shellac "Offbeat" from "Boho Spirit" 2018 summer collection

"Offbeat"is my favourite (and most used so far) color from the Summer 2018 CND Shellac "Boho Spirit" Collection.

It's similar to Lobster Roll but it has a way better coverage The formula of this color is superb.

I started with a manicure (of course) and thin application of CND Shellac Base coat.

After applying the color to all 5 fingers I "freeze cured" the color for 3 seconds or so to set it in place and then I touched up the ends and cure full cure. This way I don't end up with a bulky mess on the free edge.


This (just like the other posts) is not a sponsored post.

All products have been purchased by myself.

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